The Architect's Cliff-hanger

Gilleleje, Denmark

On top of a sheer cliff side, 40 meters above sea level on the most northern point of Zealand, lies a house drawn and built by the owner himself. As the son of renowned Danish architect, Jørn Utzon, Kim Utzon’s interest in architecture comes as no surprise.

Meet the Architect

Being the son of one of Denmark’s most celebrated architects, meant that Kim, as a child, travelled the world to wherever his father led new projects and he spent a great part of his childhood in Sydney where Jørn Utzon worked on the Sydney Opera House. With an immense dose of architectural inspiration, Kim returned to Denmark to pursue his architectural studies after which he founded his self-titled company in 1986, Kim Utzon Arkitekter.


The Utzon family uses the three-legged Vipp side table as a base for a Kaiser Idell lamp standing next to the couch.

Explore the Vipp side table