Bespoke Beach House

Dragør, Denmark

With front row to the Baltic sea, Heidi and Kasper Egelund, have built a modern villa on the Danish seaside. Streamlined stacked volumes make up a two-storey building that feature floor-to-ceiling glazing, added to bring the surrounding nature within the walls of the family home.


Meet the Family

Heidi and Kasper Egelund and their three children Mie, Karla and Otto have built this family home from scratch. Kasper Egelund’s interest in functional design is not inherited from strangers. He is 3rd generation owner of Vipp. When his grandparents died, both Kasper’s mother, sister and himself took over the company with the wish to make Vipp accessible to design enthusiasts worldwide.

The architecture

Architectural Highlights

On this seaside plot, Heidi and Kasper decided to build a bespoke beach house for their family of five. The couple turned to architect Mads Lund with a wish to create a family home centered around refined aesthetics and functional choices paired with the experience of nature while being indoors. Architect Mads Lund envisioned a structure, which would keep the surrounding nature in full focus, excluding decorative elements that would pull attention away from the villa’s natural context. After pulling the right permits and one year of construction the family moved into a contemporary interpretation of a classic Danish villa yet with an architectural stamp that makes this home one-of-a-kind.

The architecture

Between Sea and Sky

The proximity to nature plays a defining role in the result. The dyke where dogs and families are breathing in the fresh air required a shielding while maintaining the view to the sea; hence the closed balustrade on the first floor. Likewise, the house has been elevated to ensure view to the sea and not the dyke from the kitchen.

The Architecture

Going Up

The architectural simplicity carries through to the interior design envisioned by Studio David Thulstrup. He has emphasized well-crafted details with colours that refer to nature, placing the strong contrasts of the black-coloured Vipp products into the center of attention. “The black metal staircase is inspired by the fundamental Vipp design language and stands light yet stringent in a contrast to the adjacent wood-clad wall”, explains David Thulstrup.

The architecture

Kitchen Culture

"The central kitchen island from Vipp matches the array of tall cabinets in design and material. Firm grips, a matte black powder-coated surface and a table top in 4 mm stainless steel are ideal features in a kitchen that must accustom to a heavy dose of daily wear and tear”, says Heidi with reference to their three children all under the age of ten.