New Collection

Back to Beige

A tribute to the design heritage that Holger Nielsen initiated when he crafted the iconic Vipp pedal bin in 1939, Vipp introduces an interpretation of the very first colour he chose for his bin. We call it Holger's Beige.

The History

Back to the beginning

“If we go back to the beginning everything was beige. It matched my mother’s hairdressing salon, for which it was originally made.” - Jette Egelund, Daughter of Holger Nielsen.

The History

Original purpose

Holger's bins were primarily sold to doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. To match the hospitals, institution walls and inventory at the time, he used the same off-white colour for his pedal bins.

The History

Holger's Beige

After decades of of a stringent black-and-white-only colour scheme, we’re brininging back Holger’s beige - a retrospective colour choice that seems ever more contemporary.