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Vipp shelter

Imagine being here

Vipp shelter

Imagine being here


Inspired by our legacy

Vipp was born in 1939 producing steel items to the professional market. This legacy and knowledge of steel processing has been essential crafting the shelter.


An industrial design object

The Vipp shelter is a finished product inspired by large volume objects such as submarines and aeroplanes. Design objects stripped of all unnecessary features.


Every screw serves a purpose

The outer steel grid contains 10.000 screws, and every single one of them serves a purpose. Function is key, and there is a necessity behind every detail.


Custom-made by Vipp

The kitchen. The bath module. The lamps. Even the ladder to the mezzanine is made by Vipp. Enter the shelter and you enter the design universe of Vipp. From floor to ceiling.

Staying in the Vipp shelter


Fall a sleep under the stars. Wake up under a clear blue sky. The integrated blinds make sure you are in control of both moon light and sunrise.

Staying in the Vipp shelter

A panoramic view

Sliding windows will accentuate the sensation of living in nature by blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor space.

Staying in the Vipp shelter

Coherence in materials

The steel grid and the black Vipp kitchen illustrate the coherence in materials. With its central place in the living room, the kitchen is the natural gathering point.

Staying in the Vipp shelter

Two-level space

The simple steel grid structurally supports the two-level space, where only the bathroom and bed loft is shielded from the main living space comprising a kitchen and relaxing area.

Staying in the Vipp shelter

Nature in focus

Each piece of furniture is with its predominant dark tones carefully selected in order to keep focus on what is important - nature.

Product details





Sleeping capacity

Two persons


25 ton


Sliding windows from PanoramAH!, 6 units


Fireplace, floor heating


Durable, dry-pressed ceramic


9 mm plywood with 3 mm wool felt

Number of screws


Included interior

All interior is made by Vipp inculding the Vipp kitchen, bath module, lamps, table etc.