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Many skills, one shared passion

We are craftsmen, designers, sales people, storytellers, bookkeepers, copywriters, engineers, graphic designers and much more. In other words, we are many different professions gathered under one roof. But what we have in common is a passion to make functional, long-lasting products - timeless in their aesthetics and valued for the joy inherent in their daily use. 

Vipp Values 

All companies and families have values. Some more visible than others. These values build the foundation for a group of people setting out on a journey together. At Vipp we want to make sure that our values are clear to everyone.

1. We strive to make great tools – building upon the principles on which Holger founded the company – less, but better. 

2. We believe that strong teamwork across the organization is key to great results. 

3. We are business-minded. 

4. We are loyal and value trustful relationships. 

5. We can always find improvements to what we do. 

6. We seek simplicity as complexity brings inefficiency & unclarity. 

7. We believe that a warm and positive spirit is the best foundation for achieving great results. 

8. We believe that if we can dream it, we can do it. 


Do you share our passion?

Do you share our passion and wish to be a part of writing the future chapters of the Vipp story? Then please send us an unsolicited application and keep an eye out for new job openings posted to this site. 

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