Lolland, Denmark

Farmhouse feel

She is an Oscar-winning producer, he runs a private greenery in Denmark – together Sisse Graum Jørgensen and Ulrik Theophil Jørgensen operate Vipp Farmhouse, a small-scale guesthouse at the outskirts of their estate Søllestedgaard in Lolland. A few years ago, the old frames of a traditional farmhouse standing idle on the vast estate found new purpose as Vipp’s 4th guesthouse. Once a gardener’s residence, the house built in 1775 was transformed by the couple’s close friend, interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard into a modern farmhouse that combines historical charm with modern convenience displaying both functional finesse and curious art finds. For Sisse and Ulrik, the 88m2 house has become a sanctuary that embraces slowness and sensory insight in times of great haste.

Meet the owners

“At the rare occasion of a vacant Farmhouse, we check-in to tune-out. It offers a shift in velocity and an opportunity for togetherness which is often bypassed by our consuming professions”, explains Sisse, who is the producer behind some of the biggest Danish movie successes including Druk (Another Round) and Retfærdighedens ryttere (Riders of justice). While a stone’s throw away from home, checking into the guesthouse feels like a welcome change of scenery for the couple. “We bring a basket of freshly picked produce and then we start cooking”, says Ulrik whose vegetables normally end up at Danish Michelin restaurants and at the estate restaurant Spiseriet.

V1 Kitchen

A 7-unit V1 kitchen in grey perfectly suits the low-ceilinged farmhouse. Fitted with screws, the kitchen legs are adapted to the floor covered in Danish Ølands-tiles.

The architectural reminiscene

While the architectural shell is a reminiscence from when it was built in 1775, the newly furbished interior brings us into the modern area of Scandinavian minimalism and its ode to functionalism.