Archipelago House

Gothenburg, Sweden

Named after its location on the rocky west coast of Sweden, Archipelago House is a minimalist getaway for a family of four. On a sloping plot, Norm Architects has completed a structure of four wooden volumes set into the cliff and mirroring local building traditions found in boat houses on the rocky shores. The Copenhagen-based studio invented a color and material-scheme reflecting the natural surroundings. And while the GPS states that we are just south of Gothenburg, the bespoke furnishing and minimalist aesthetics take us all the way to Japan.

The kitchen of the island

The consistent use of wood transpires into the kitchen where storage and functional elements create a wooden internal facade that stretches in the full length. An industrial kitchen island from Vipp interrupts the colour and material scheme by introducing black, powder-coated surfaces and a stainless steel table top. While the material contrast between cold and warm catches the eye, the simplistic and honest aesthetic idiom pursued by Norm Architects is also expressed in the Vipp kitchen design.