Behind blue shutters

Saint-Rémy de Provence, France

Behind the classic blue shutters of a stone house in Saint-Rémy de Provence, a French couple has converted an old farm into a summer sanctuary filled with contemporary art and design.

Meet the family

At the foot of the Alpilles mountains in the heart of Provence lies the picturesque village of Saint-Rémy de Provence. Five years ago, Strasbourg natives, Monique and Régis made this town their second home when they bought a late 18th century traditional ‘mas’, the French word for farm house.

Lunch in the shade

Hour-long lunches are enjoyed in the small courtyard under the 200-year-old plane tree, a symbol of Provence.


Slow-living is on the agenda as opposed to a more hectic schedule in Strasbourg. Many hours are spent preparing family meals in the black steel kitchen from Vipp.

Take a seat

An authentic fireplace dominates the living room, where the couple find themselves reading books from their hidden library. Monique has done the interior decoration and chosen a mix of vintage pieces, mid-century modern Scandinavian furniture and local ceramics fused with a collection of contemporary photography.

Bathroom bliss

At the end of the top floor corridor, the master bedroom holds both a walk-in closet, bathroom, and bedroom in one space. Vitrines dividing bed- and bathroom transport light into the grey mosaic bathroom where an Agape washbasin stands tall as a sculpture.

Régis, owner

'After searching for 3 years, we were lucky to buy one of the rare stone houses in walking distance to the city center.'

Vipp espresso cup

A small object ideal for the morning wake-up routine. Designed by Danish ceramicist, Annemette Kissow, the espresso cup is part of the Vipp ceramics collection characterised by its matte surface and glazed interior.

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