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Table, medium

The Vipp table is a medium-sized table for the dining room or kitchen. Also available in a large version, the table features a steel frame with soft rounded corners that carries a highly durable, stoneware tabletop.

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DKK 19,995.00

Product variations: 


Cutting edge

The rounded edges provide a soft expression to the solid materials, while the hovering tabletop adds a light feel to the sturdy components.


Set in stone

Do not be fooled by its simplicity. Despite the delicate appearance of the stoneware, the six millimeter tabletop is highly durable, resistant to liquids and hard objects.

Vipp table, medium

Office setting

The table embodies the Vipp DNA by combining high functionality and clean aesthetics, which makes it suitable for any office setting.

Vipp table, medium

Living room

No supportive wires or bars are being used to keep the tabletop in a straight position. This design feature makes the Vipp table perfect for the dining room as well as the living room.

Vipp table, medium

Notes from the Vipp kitchen

Drawing on notes from the Vipp kitchen, the steel table frame delicately carries the tabletop, and along with soft rounded corners it adds a light expression to the sturdy components.

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Powder-coated steel, stainless steel, ceramic shelf tops. View care instructions


L x H x W: 200 x 72.5 x 95 cm


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