Cabin round table, dark oak base

The Vipp Cabin round table is a medium-sized table for the dining room or kitchen. This table features a base of solid, lacquered dark oak with a marble tabletop. The Cabin table is also available in a square version.
Please note that each marble plate has a unique visual expression.

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USD 5,250.00

Product variations: 


Touch Base

Whether shaped in steel or wood each Vipp product holds a distinct refinement and attention to detail. Unveiled through the subtle woodwork of the base and round, sanded edges of the tabletop, the Cabin round table is no different.


Aesthetic Alternatives

Available with a dark or light oak base and a variety of unique marble tops, the Cabin round table can be personalised according to aesthetic preferences.

Marble stone is a natural material which makes each marble plate inimitable. Varied visual expressions of the marble are to be expected.

Product details


Lacquered oak, marble top. View care instructions


Ø x H: 130 x 73 cm


The Architect's Cliff-hanger