Vipp Supper Club

Less VIP. More VIPP

Vipp Supper Club is the social side of Vipp. People coming together in venues that are quite a mouthful in their own. We have sharpened the pencil and drawn up our first supper club destination in a former factory. In a Copenhagen backyard, Vipp Pencil Factory unfolds a curious mix of food, art, design, architecture, and music. Talented chefs from around the world will serve fabulous food on the plate and food for thought in the conversation. Bon appetit.


Dinner with Torsten Vildgaard

Torsten Vildgaard holds many records. For 11 years he was René Redzepi’s right hand leading the R&D department and a part of the establishment of Noma 2.0. He earned the fastest Michelin-star in Denmark after only four months in his restaurant Studio. After successfully helping Noma 2.0 in achieving star number 2, he has a new record in mind – earning stars in his own name in his own establishment. While the hunt for a new restaurant has begun, Vildgaard takes a temporary residence at Vipp’s PencilFactory in Islands Brygge with a one night only supper club. Only twenty seats are available around the long table in the revived factory space to create the intimacy of a true chef’s table. Book below to taste Torsten Vildgaard’s tribute to our wild winter and to ingredients close to his heart.

The concept

Supper Club│[suh·puh kluhb]

A supper club refers to an underground restaurant, a home bistro, a guerilla dinner, a pop-up or even anti-restaurant. Supper clubs typically incorporate musical acts to complement the atmosphere. Consider it an intimate and social dining experience without the formality of a ball or crowdedness of a club.

The Chefs

At the chef's table

Vipp Pencil Factory is a scene for talented chefs hosting supper club experiences. From the long-table, guests are offered front-row seats to watch the talented chefs show off their craftsmanship, preparing, plating, and presenting dishes right before their eyes.

The Concept

Vipp on a plate

First there was a bin, then a table and a chair, then a kitchen…and now Vipp starts to cook. Vipp Supper Club brings to life the natural connection between manufacturing kitchens and inviting chefs to use them. Our ambition is to welcome a broad spectrum of nationalities, tastes, techniques, and flavours to the table.