Lolland, Denmark

Vipp Farmhouse

A countryside escape

Neighbouring endless fields, forests and green gardens, Vipp Farmhouse is a small habitat on the 1400 acres estate of Søllestedgaard situated in the countryside of Lolland. The old frames of a Danish farmhouse from 1775 have found new purpose as Vipp’s 4th guesthouse and adds plenty of farm-life feel to Vipp’s portfolio of one-room-wonders.


Vipp Farmhouse

Whitewashed facades topped with a thatched roof equals a traditional Danish farmhouse. And checking into this former gardener residence is like stepping back in time. While the architectural shell is a reminiscence from when it was built in the late 18th century, the newly furbished interior brings us into the modern area of Scandinavian minimalism. 3 bedrooms, a combined kitchen and living space, and a bathroom make up the 88 m2 residence titled Vipp Farmhouse.

From EUR 400 per night, max 6 adults.

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The bedrooms

No wake-up calls. Only birdsong

Commissioned by Vipp and the estate owner Ulrik Th. Jørgensen, interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard has realised a modern farmhouse, that combines historical charm with modern convenience. 3 bedrooms with double beds can host 6 guests at the time at Vipp Farmhouse.

The Bedrooms

Countrylife Convenience

Bright colours, wooden details, curious art finds, and soft textiles shape all 3 bedrooms of which 2 are placed on the first floor.

The Bedrooms

Sleeping in the woods

The groundfloor bedroom opens up to the terrace garden framed by the forest and views to endless fields.

The restaurant

Dinner with a view at Spiseriet


Catch dinner

If not taking use of the fishing gear to catch dinner at the neighbouring pond, plenty of gourmet experiences awaits you. The island of Lolland has a rich soil and a good climate encouraging many local food start-ups. Known as the food chamber of Denmark, gourmet tourists will find a slice of heaven on the island including cherry wines from Frederiksdal, beer from Krenkerup or local wine from Østergaard vin. A magnet for Copenhageners is the newly opened restaurant ‘Pomle Nakke’. If staying in, we have picked a basket of seasonal produce ready to be cooked up in the Vipp kitchen.

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