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Since the first Vipp bins were sold out of a backyard workshop in a Danish suburban town, Vipp has been dedicated to creating timeless, long-lasting design. What started as a bin workshop has now grown into an international brand with products spanning across several categories – from bins and bath modules to lighting and furniture. And even a 55m2 house.

Today, Vipp is represented across the world by a carefully selected group of Retail Partners and Preferred Partners.

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Our approach to partnerships

Joining Vipp as a partner is an opportunity to join a company that is proud of its heritage and determined to grow its vision beyond measure. At Vipp, we recognize that succeeding is a team effort, and our partnership strategy is founded in long-term relationships with a few select partners per country. From a dedicated sales team to a multifunctional administrative and communications team, Vipp is there to support our partners every step of the way.


What we look for in a partner

Because we value our legacy and keep it alive in all our daily endeavors, we are looking for partners to do the same. Beyond a strong business acumen, we value partners with a dedicated mindset, a determination to ensure joint success, and a passion for craftsmanship and long-lasting, quality products.


Dedicated support

At Vipp, we are focused on supporting our partners as best we can. From a hands-on sales team to a solid administrative back-office and creative communications department, Vipp is ready to assist our partners in every way we can.


Which partner are you?

At Vipp, we work with two types of partnerships: Vipp Retail Partners and Vipp Preferred Partners. 

Vipp Retail Partners
A Vipp retail partner has a high-end store or line of stores carrying products in design/interior/kitchen/bathroom. The store is in or near the city center in close proximity to other high-end stores. A web shop is a plus but a physical store is a necessity for all Vipp retail partners. Our retail partners display the Vipp accessory line on a series of displays taking up approx. 20m2 of space.

Vipp Preferred Partners
A Vipp Preferred Partner is handpicked among leading global retailers to present the entire Vipp collection, including the Vipp kitchen, in a dedicated branded space. Our aim is to enter into partnerships with Preferred Partners globally in the world’s leading cities. Vipp Preferred Partners display the full Vipp product line in a custom-designed branded space.


Interested in joining us?

Reach out to a member of our sales team if you are interested in becoming our next Retail Partner or Preferred Partner.

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