We recommend caring for the upholstery of your Vipp furniture to ensure its long-lasting appeal and appearance. Please follow the guidelines below to preserve the upholstery’s natural beauty for many years.


Wool, cotton, and polyester

- Vacuum clean with low suction using a soft brush to preserve the fabric’s colour and appearance. Always brush in the direction of the pile and not against it.

- Avoid exposing the upholstery to direct sunlight, extreme heat, or sharp objects.

- Avoid pulling or cutting loose threads. Push them back into the fabric with a needle.

- Avoid using air fresheners as this can cause a chemical reaction on the fabric.

- Use a piece of white paper towel to dry wet spots. Tap gently on the spill to soak up the liquid rather than rubbing the area. 

Stain removal

Use lukewarm water on a terry towel, optionally with a mild neutral cleaning agent added. Test on a less visible spot before applying a cleaning agent to the entire surface.

1. Use only small quantities of cleaning agent at a time and dry up with absorbent paper.

2. Avoid rubbing the fabric or the stain.

Note that denim can give off colour on a light fabric (beige, sand, white etc.). Apply a professional protector agent before use to prevent colour stains. Vipp is not accountable for claims caused by coloured fabric stains. 

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