Towels and tea towels
For optimal absorption of water, we recommend soaking your Vipp towel or tea towel in cold water without detergent for a minimum of 12 hours prior to first use. Then wash at recommended temperature. You will find washing instructions on the strap of your tea towel or towel.

Do not bleach or dry clean. Please note that chemicals from hair colouring, bleaching etc. may permanently stain the textile.


Cloth napkins
We recommend cleaning the cloth napkins in the washing machine at a maximum of 40 degrees. Approved for tumble dryer. For further instructions, follow the product care label.  


Inner bag for breadbox & laundry basket
If there are no signs of mould the inner bag of the breadbox should be washed at 40 degrees. In case of sign of mould, the cotton bag should be washed at 95 degrees. 95 degrees will eliminate all fungal spores. Approved for tumble dryer. The inner bag for the laundry basket should be washed at 40-60 degrees. 

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