Silicone mats
We recommend cleaning Vipp silicone mats in the washing machine at a maximum of 95 degree Celsius. Make sure to thoroughly dry off the mats before placing them back on a product or surface. 


Other silicone and rubber parts
For regular cleaning of silicone and rubber parts, use warm water and a mild detergent. Make sure to thoroughly dry off the parts before remounting them. Apply silicone spray for a better finish and sealing of the surface. Wipe off excess oil with a lint-free cloth.


All rubber and silicone surfaces on Vipp products are tested and approved regarding smudging. However, please note that if the rubber or silicone surface is wet/moist when placed on an organic surface such as wood or light-coloured surfaces, discolouring may occur. Vipp is not liable for this type of discolouring.  

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