Oak Veneer

Wipe down oak products with a damp, soft cloth added a mild PH-neutral detergent. Avoid using sponges or similar coarse cloths for cleaning as this might leave scratches. After cleaning, wipe completely dry with a dry cloth. Do not use acidic cleaning agents as this will damage the surface and leave permanent stains. Make sure to remove spilt liquids immediately or it will leave stains. In case of permanent stains, please contact a professional for further instructions.

Grease and stains
Carefully remove stains with a cloth and a solution of water and PH-neutral soap flakes. Do not use sandpaper or similar as this might damage the protective layer of the surface. 


Gentle, regular cleaning is recommended. Wipe down the oak veneer with a damp cloth, possibly with a mild detergent. Make sure to wipe off the table after cleaning with water. Never leave the oak veneer surface wet. All liquids and spills must be dried immediately. When cleaning, use a damp cloth and dry off any remaining moisture immediately after cleaning. Placement of objects on a wet or damp table can cause marks on the lacquer. These marks are not possible to fix and are not eligible for complaints.

Avoid using sponges or coarse cloths as this might damage the surface. The oak veneer tabletop should be treated as any other wooden table. We recommend treating the table with a solution of water and dissolved soap flakes every 4-6 months to preserve its appearance.  Always use coasters for drinking glass and rivets for hot items to protect the wooden surface. A patina will emerge over time.

Cleaning with soap flakes

1. Use ½ decilitre of soap flakes for a litre of hot water. Whip the soap flakes into the water

2. When the water reaches room temperature, apply the foam all over the tabletop with a soft cloth.
Only use the foam, not the water, and avoid soaking the wood

3. When the tabletop is dry, polish with a soft, dry cotton cloth. 


All rubber and silicone surfaces on Vipp products are tested and approved in regard to smudging. However, please note that if the rubber or silicone surface is wet/moist when placed on an organic surface such as wood or light-coloured surfaces, discolouring may occur. Vipp is not liable for this type of discolouring.   

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