The visual expression of marble and limestone tells the tale of millions of years of natural processing. Both type of stone harbour impressions left by fossils and other organic matter, making each stone unique. Veins, fossils, and colour shades are the result of peculiar geological conditions and guarantee that no stones are identical. 


Marble (Pietra grey, Ocean grey and Sky grey)
The only common denominator of marble is uniqueness. Each piece of stone has veins, “dust/sprinkle”, cracks, holes and other natural beauty marks that adds a play of colours and patterns with a nod to the long history of the stone. 


Please note
For efficient use of the stone and with respect for natural resources, Vipp allows the use of resin (epoxy) to close some of the natural cracks and holes in the tabletops. 


Gentle, regular cleaning is recommended. Dust off the surface regularly and wipe down the marble or stone with a damp cloth when needed. If necessary, add a mild, acid-free detergent. Remove the detergent with a clean damp cloth. Marble and stone do not tolerate any kind of acid (juice, wine, ketchup etc.) Both materials are sensitive and should be treated cautiously. Always use coasters for drinking glasses and rivets for hot items to keep your table beautiful and free from marks and stains.


Stain removal
Remove the stain immediately using a lint-free cleaning cloth with warm water and a mild detergent. Avoid using dusting sprays or abrasive cleaners. In case of serious damage contact a professional polisher. 

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