Vipp leather upholstery consists of carefully selected, high quality leather. Aniline leather is the most natural, soft, and gracefully supple of all leather types. Aniline leather is untreated and unprotected allowing natural characteristics and beauty marks like bitemarks, vein marks, neck wrinkles etc. to show through. It is also susceptible for dirt, watermarks, and discoloration.

Semi-aniline leather has a thin protective coating, which makes the leather less susceptible for dirt, watermarks, and discoloration. Individual characteristics are signs that it is genuine leather; just like each piece of natural wood and marble has a unique visual expression, each piece of leather has its own distinct look. Colour variance, natural marks, and other unique characteristics of the leather vary with each product.

We recommend caring for the leather of your Vipp furniture to ensure its long-lasting appeal and appearance for many years to come. A few simple tips will help preserve the leather’s natural beauty for generations. 

Leather care
Protect your Vipp leather furniture from direct sunlight and artificial light as it can bleach and dry out the leather. Regular use of leather care reduces the effect of UV radiation.

For cleaning and care we recommend use of professional aniline leather care products only.

Never use chemical products or regular cleaning products as it can damage the leather. For daily cleaning, it is recommended to vacuum clean your Vipp furniture carefully with a soft nozzle. Alternatively wipe the furniture carefully with a dry or possibly hard wrung soft, clean cloth.

Liquid and other spills on the leather should be removed immediately to prevent it from penetrating the surface. Carefully absorb the liquid with paper towels - avoid scrubbing on the leather. Finish by cleaning the leather with a leather cleaning product. 

Avoid placing your Vipp leather furniture too close to radiators and other heat sources. The distance should be min. 30 cm, to avoid drying out the leather.

Strongly coloured materials such as jeans, cushions, blankets etc. can discolour the leather.

Pets, zippers, and sharp objects can damage the surface of the leather. We strongly advice to avoid these in your leather furniture. 

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