Galvanized steel

We recommend cleaning your inner bins twice a year by following the below procedure:


1. Remove the inner bin from the Vipp pedal bin.

2. Clean the inner bin with a brush/sponge using hot water and a household cleaning agent suitable for galvanized steel surfaces.

3. Wash off excess soap with water.

4. Allow the inner bin to dry before placing it back in the Vipp pedal bin.


Please note that using the Vipp pedal bin as a diaper bin may cause damage to the galvanized surface of the inner bin. Placing a bowl with vinegar into the bin for approx. 1 day may help with odour problems. We do not recommend leaving moist waste in the bin for longer periods of time. If the galvanized steel of the inner bin has started to corrode, it will become white/grey, and the surface will no longer be smooth. This is normal for galvanized surfaces and cannot be avoided. Do not try to clean this, as it will damage the surface. When your inner bin is run out, you can purchase a new one here

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