The top of the Vipp bath module is made of Cristalplant® which is a mix of aluminium trihydrates bound by a biobased resin (corn), providing a stone look yet a soft touch.

Most spills, residues, and stains may be removed by using a damp cloth with a mild cream cleanser or common household degreaser. To deal with a persistent stain, use a plastic scouring pad to rub over the stain with a detergent or ammonia-based surface-cleaner in a circular motion. Make sure to clean the entire surface from time to time to avoid an uneven finish.

Do not use acetone, turpentine, or other strong chemicals on the surface as it may cause permanent damage. After 5-10 years of use, your tabletop may need a professional polish to regain its original finish.

Please note that the top might easily stain from makeup, nail polish etc. Don’t leave overnight but wipe off immediately. 

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