2nd edition

Twenty Homes – One Kitchen

Since Vipp introduced its kitchen in 2011, we have constantly refined elements, but the basic design remains the same. While the Vipp kitchen is no shape shifter, the settings in which the kitchen are placed showcase a diverse palette of taste, culture, personality, and architecture. In this second edition of ‘Twenty Homes - One Kitchen’ we have gathered 20 new remarkable homes that share nothing but their choice of kitchen.

Twenty Homes – One kitchen

What kitchen? Vipp kitchen

More than ten years after the V1 kitchen saw the light of day (2011), its free-standing design and modular anatomy have crossed many borders and thresholds into private homes in more than 40 countries. Designed with longevity in mind, we have constantly refined elements, but the basic design remains the same.

Our intention is for the kitchen to follow the trajectory of the bin which has been made for over eighty years - it feels as fresh as when it was made for my grandmother’s hair salon in 1939. The environmental footprint of our products is reduced by continuous use, and we seek to maximize product age by making all spare parts available for the V1 kitchen. As a testament to quality, we offer a ten-year warranty on the kitchen.

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Twenty Homes – One Kitchen

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Witnessing the kitchen's versatility and ability to adapt to various types of architecture, this second volume of ‘Twenty Homes - One Kitchen’ visits a stone house under the Sicilian sun, a coastal home in Beirut, a Texan ranch, a Tudor-style manor in Montreal, and a series of lofts in Manhattan. While differing in architectural scope, size and aesthetic, the homes share a common denominator in their choice of kitchen.

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