Lounge chair

The Vipp Lounge chair is suited for the living room or lounge area. This lounge chair features a powder-coated aluminium frame with padded armrests and a slightly angled seat and backrest. Rounded edges and smooth, black leather upholstery add softness to the sturdy, die-cast construction. The black leather upholstery features unique visual characteristics.

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USD 2,800.00

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Appealing Aesthetics

Reflecting the distinct, Vipp aesthetic, the Vipp lounge chair is characterised by functional requirements and the use of high-quality materials. Durable in both expression and use, this chair is easy to fit into any room or environment.



Shaped like the blades of a windmill, the slender, padded armrests contribute to the chair’s dualistic appearance, grasping both solidness and agility.


Quiet Conversation

Initially designed to be placed in front of the fireplace inside the Vipp Shelter, the lowered seat and oblique backrest are shaped to support conversation.

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Powder-coated aluminium, steel, aniline leather. View care instructions 


Vipp leather upholstery is a carefully selected natural product, covered by a thin layer of protection to expose its raw, natural appearance. Individual attributes are a sign that it is genuine leather, just like natural wood and marble vary in appearance. Colour variance, natural marks, and other unique characteristics of the leather vary with each product.


H x D x W: 75 x 66 x 69 cm 

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