Chimney Module Sofa, 3-seater

The Vipp Chimney sofa is one of the two models available in the Vipp sofa series. The Chimney sofa features a rounded and compact design with a wood and steel construction, carried by a slender frame of powder-coated steel. One cushion per unit is included. This configuration is a 3-seater. For more modules and upholstery options, click details below.

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USD 6,250.00

Product variations: 

Modular nature

Curvy shapes and a detailed, compact design exhibit the visual features of the Vipp Chimney sofa. Its modular nature and versatile range of upholstery options allow for individualized and complete design solutions.


Soprano 03

Soprano 03 is a grey bouclé that gives VIpp sofas a tactile touch. "Bouclé" is Ffrench for loops and refers to the small curly loops that grant the fabric its character and softness. Discreet yet full of detail, the Soprano upholstery sets forth a new level of uncompromising comfort.


Elle 220

Elle is a new textile by the premium fabric décor company, Sahco. With nearly two hundred years of experience in the world of textiles, elevated quality is a guarantee. French for 'her' or 'she', Elle is an upholstery that adds feminity, wamrth and softness to a Vipp sofa with its heavy bouclé. The large bouclé loops accentuate the three-dimensional character of the fabric while adding depth and thickness.


Safire 04

Kvadrat's Safire textile is characterised by a coarse surface structure providing a subtle handwoven appearance as a unique dimension of this upholstery fabric. The combination of thick bouclé and chenille yarns contribute to its wooly feel and soft appeal but also adds a vibrant two-tone effect. Intervowen natural shades of warm grey and off-white hatch a subtle beige colour.


Coda 2 232

Coda 2 232 from Kvadrat combines a graphic, textured surface and a sophisticated colour to very lively effect. From a distance it appears monochrome, but when zooming in, the pattern reveals a second colour. Made from high-durability wool, Coda 2 232 is woven in two layers, one in light grey and a discreet burgundy layer underneath.


Saxophone 02

Its twill-structure and chevron pattern makes Saxophone a recognizable, graphic fabric that stands out in Vipp's curated upholstery range. Woven in wool, Saxophone is a thick fabric full of refinement and warmth. Ideal in a colder climate, a Vipp sofa in this fabric will provide a warm embrace.


Safire Sombre

Together with textile specialists Sacho and Kvadrat, Vipp has created a unique version of the Safire upholstery. The name Sombre, meaning dark, refers to the predominantly dark-toned textile whereas Safire 04 offers a brighter beige. A thick bouclé in dark grey is interwoven with an off-white chenille yarn, fabricating a one of a kind 3D structure and graphic pattern.

Product details


Powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel, wood, textile upholstery. View care instructions


See product illustration above. Seating depth with back cushion: 48 cm. Seating depth without back cushion: 70 cm. Explore more modules here


Soprano 03: Material: 45% cotton, 19% viscose, 5% wool, 13% acrylic, 8% nylon. Martindale: 60.000. Elle 220: Material: 25% cotton, 20% acrylic, 20% viscose, 20% wool, 15% polyamid. Martindale: 70.000. Safire 04: Material: 43% viscose, 17% acrylic, 15% new wool, 9% cotton, 8% linen, 8% polyester. Martindale: 44.000. Coda 2 232: Material: 90% new wool, 10% nylon. Martindale: 100.000. Saxophone 02: Material: 60% wool, 32% cotton, 8% acrylic. Martindale: 40.000.


Foam, natural feather, polyfibre

3D drawing

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