Introducing the V2 kitchen

30% stone   70% oak   100% Vipp

The Design

We did not start from scratch

While stone and oak signify a new material approach, you will recognize Vipp in the use of one of our trademark materials – extruded aluminium.

The design

Grip integration

Rounded aluminium profiles with reeded details serve as discreet, integrated drawer and cabinet grips.

The design

Something borrowed

Drawer constructions and interior fittings like the softly moulded silicone cutlery divider found in the V1 kitchen are repeated in the V2 kitchen.

Anodized aluminium doors

Cabinet of curiosities

Apart from cabinet fronts covered in dark oak veneer, glass or alu doors apply a playful and refined design element to the V2 kitchen. Both fronts feature a push-click opening mechanism.

Anodized aluminium doors

Finetuned facades

The anodized aluminium doors with vertically extruded profiles equip the V2 with a sophisticated contrast to facades in veneer.

Reeded glass doors

Added transparency

The reeded glass doors framed by anodized aluminium allow for a semi-transparent look into what hides in the cabinet. Visible with closed doors is the integrated lighting, discreetly mounted under each shelf.

Function meets fossils

In the Alb region in Bavaria, ocean sediments have shaped ‘Jura’, a dense, fine grained lime­stone rich in fossils. Combined with carefully carved cabinets in oak sourced in Europe, the V2 confers a new or­ganic tactility to Vipp’s functional kitchen system.