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The Vipp lamp collection offers lighting solutions for wall, ceiling, table and floor. Developed with exchangeable LED-light sources, Vipp lamps are designed to follow the technological progress in lighting as opposed to lamps with fixed light sources.


Dining / Meeting

Perforated materials, smooth ceramics and functional finesse will appeal to all senses during dinners or business meetings.


Vipp Kitchen

We asked ourselves, what would a chef value in a kitchen? Solid handles, a massive steel worktop, custom drawer inserts, a kitchen raised on legs for easy access to clean. The modular Vipp kitchen with its nomadic anatomy is inspired by professional use and can be configurated with predefined units of your choice. It is like playing with building blocks.

Vipp kitchen



Offices often serve as a second home for company employees to whom functional and aesthetic surroundings can prove imperative in a hard-working culture. The Vipp office bin was made in 1985 by Vipp founder, Holger Nielsen, after a request from Illums Bolighus who needed practical office bins for its employees.



Shower-proof functionality is the essence of Vipp's bathroom category ranging from bins and toilet brushes to wall accessories and complete bath modules. Wall-mounted versions of the Vipp toilet brush and soap dispenser are functional favourites in public settings allowing for easy cleaning access.