Skagen, Denmark

At the tip of Denmark

Skagen – the northernmost town in Denmark, where Kattegat meets Skagerak, has always been surrounded by a mythical atmosphere. The spirit of Skagen has been brought to life and perpetuated by the renowned impressionist art cluster of ‘Skagen Painters’ who settled in the area in the late 1800s. One of the famous Skagen Painters, Carl Locher, built a house here in 1910 facing the beach. It housed a grand atelier where he could paint his favourite motive – the sea. Standing idle and in ruins for years, the house has been restored to its former grandeur by a new owner, Thomas Schlosser. After a gut renovation of this cultural heritage building, where original wooden panels and large atelier window facing the sea have been meticulously restored, you get the impression that Carl Locher painted his last strokes just yesterday.

Meet the owner

Specializing in restoring and selling mid-century modern, Danish furniture and art pieces via his company ‘KLASSIK Copenhagen’, Thomas holds a certain eye for spotting objects with an unacknowledged aesthetic potential. As a listed building, Thomas took on the challenge of safeguarding its original architecture during a two-year renovation. Complimenting the original architectural shell is a cavalcade of interior design pieces that spark a contemporary Scandinavian design sensibility in the home.