Ceramic Tabletops

Stubborn marks and spots on the ceramic tabletop can appear. It can be a left-over residue from e.g., soap and/or detergent. The visibility of the marks highly depends on the degree of light in a room.


Those marks and spots can be removed with a tile cleaner detergent of any given brand which can be purchased in a well-stocked craftsman store.

Follow the instructions carefully and after cleaning the ceramic surface, please remember to always remove the tile cleaner with water and a cloth.

Don’t place hot items directly from the hob onto the ceramic tabletop. Always use trivets when placing hot items, such as pots and pans on the tabletop. Note that high temperatures of cookware can even pass through the trivet and damage the surface of the ceramics or make it crack. 


Note for outdoor tabletop
Keep powder-coated surfaces free of foreign objects like bird droppings, mud, leaves, and other objects that can damage the surface. Use a lint-free cleaning cloth or a soft brush with warm water and a mild detergent. Finish by wiping down the surface with a dry cloth.

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