Keeping Copenhagen Green |


Keeping Copenhagen green

With a mega Vipp bin

True to its original form and materials, constructed in scale 8:1, the Vipp mega bin has been on a road trip in the Danish capital as a fun reminder for city dwellers to keep Copenhagen clean and green.

Keeping Copenhagen Green

Big goals, big measures

Copenhagen has a mission - to be the cleanest city in Europe! Big goals call for big measures. So, we upscaled our bin to help spread the message. The Vipp mega bin has a volume of 3.800 liters and weighs 800 kg distributed on a 100-kg lid in stainless steel, 400 kg steel welded together to form the body, a foot made of nearly 200 kg bent steel, 80 kg milled rubber, a giant hinge, a logo machined in aluminum and a supersized pedal.