Family Reunion House

Tainan, Taiwan

On a corner in a residential area in Taiwan's fifth biggest city, Tainan, a breathtaking building catches the eye of pedestrians. In 2016, the Chang family commissioned local architect Mao Shen Chiang to build a family’s reunion house.

Bar Seating

The owners were introduced to Vipp in Mori/CASA and fell for the simple and functional design of the Vipp kitchen as well as the brand’s bathroom furniture. A 5-unit Vipp island with bar seating makes room for a large family to spend time in the kitchen. A 4-unit wall module and 3-unit tall module stand against the wall. The kitchen features a double sink solution.

Tea Time

The architecture unfolds in a contrastful mix of exposed concrete and wood. A traditional tea room is a must have in a Taiwanese home.

Bed Time

As a true a concrete-connaisseur, the architect most often opts for exposed concrete as it embodies his philosophy of making buildings last unchanged for the next century to come. True to this ideal, he has built the Chang family home with four floors of concrete.

Time to Unwind

A relaxation room with floor to ceiling glazing gives access to a balcony planted with stones a pebbles.