Vipp design philosophy

Principles of a Vipp product

Our ambition is a world with fewer but better products. The philosophy present in all Vipp products is taken straight out of the bin – evoking function over form and staying power over fading trends.

Tool builders

Vipp was born out of a need for functional tools in the professional market. Just like Holger Nielsen, who crafted the bin for Danish clinics, we consider ourselves as ‘tool builders’ measuring the quality of our tools on their long-term ability to provide better everyday experiences. Our driving ambition is to bring functional principles found in the professional market into the private home with genuine, industrial design objects.

Not for the sake of novelty

You will never see a younger model of an existing Vipp product. Instead, our aim is also to develop products that make a difference compared to what the industry already offers through a higher quality and better function. It's not just about developing something that is new or different for that reason alone. For example, we believe that the market lacked a proper, long-lasting dishwashing brush, and which offers the possibility to replace the head unlike 'disposable' dishwashing brushes. So, we developed our own.

We take pride in being untrendy

Trends and fashion is what eventually goes out of fashion. Therefore, we intentionally avoid all changing fashions and trends, legitimising all Vipp products as long-term investments. There will never be a spring or fall collection, instead we offer products with staying power.