Texas Rodeo Ranch of Art

Marfa, Texas

In the middle of the West Texan desert, a modernist box house arises from the arid and cactus-clad landscape. This art-packed ranch is inhabited by the photographer, Douglas Friedman, known for his signature moustache and tattooed arms. As an interior photographer, travelling the world year after year, he was on the lookout for a stable base. Little did he know that it would be placed in the largest unpopulated area in the US – three miles out from the tiny town of Marfa.

The owner

Meet Douglas Friedman

With a career taking off in the Hollywood film industry, Douglas Friedman turned to fashion photography for several years before dedicating himself to document the world of design and lifestyle. Douglas first went to Marfa in 2011 on a holiday to explore art. Here, he found himself surprised and intrigued by the interesting landscape. Looking for a modest and small property at the beginning, Douglas eventually went full on Texas Lone Star-spirit and ended up purchasing what used to be an old rodeo area.

The Kitchen

Ranch Cooking

As an admirer of the Vipp Shelter, Douglas knew that the prefabricated Vipp kitchen would fit perfectly into his construction plan. The colourful interior needed a cool centrepiece to add balance in the enormous dining area: “I love it’s not showy but calm and confident.” Having cooked intimate dinners for two as well as for 100-guests parties, Douglas knows every inch of his Vipp kitchen: “I thought the stainless steel tabletop would be difficult, but it ages so well; every scratch and watermark, and it becomes even more beautiful."