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Vipp kitchen configurator

You are just a few steps away from the last kitchen you will ever buy.
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Tall module

Upscale your storage space and add functionality to your kitchen with the tall module. Build your tall module with 1 – 10 units.

Length 67 – 607 cm
Height 200 cm
Depth 65 cm

Island module

Build your Vipp island module with 3 – 10 units on each side for customised open-plan cooking.

Length 127 – 607 cm
Height 92 cm
Depth 127 cm

Island w/ seating module

Add extra seating to your kitchen with the Vipp island w/ seating module. Available with 2 – 10 units on each side.

Length 127 – 607 cm
Height 92 cm
Depth 95 cm

Wall module

Build classic storage with the Vipp wall module, which can be configured with 1 – 10 units.

Length 67 – 607 cm
Height 92 cm
Depth 65 cm

Cooking hood

Get functional ventilation with the Vipp cooking hood. With an embossed, powder-coated surface, the cooking hood is designed to match the Vipp kitchen.

Only available in the EU and the US.

Height 70 – 240 cm
Width 120 cm
Depth 62 cm


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