Vipp hotel terms and conditions |

Vipp hotel terms and conditions

1. Reservations and cancellations

All bookings at the Vipp hotel are non-refundable. If you cannot make it for your booked reservation, we do offer the option of changing the date of your stay according to availability. A second cancellation cannot be refunded or rescheduled. 

2. Vacating rooms

Rooms should be vacated in the same state and condition as they were at the time of check in. Vipp obtains the right to demand a refund of any damaged or otherwise compromised interior.

3. Check in and check out (UTC+01)

Vipp loft: Check in 15:00, check out 15:00
Vipp shelter: Check in 12:00 noon, check out 15:00

Late check out can be requested upon reservation and is subject to a late check out fee of EUR 75,00. Vipp reserves the right to decline requests for late check out.

4. Prices

Every room at the Vipp hotel is a unique experience, so the rooms have different rates.

Vipp shelter: 600.00 EUR per night for max 2 adults
Vipp loft: 1,000.00 EUR per night for max 4 adults

5. Methods of payment

Full pre-payment by credit card or bank transfer at the time of reservation. A valid credit card is required to confirm your booking.

6. Children

All rooms in the Vipp hotel are for adults over the age of 16 only, no children.

7. Pets

No pets allowed.



Copenhagen, Denmark

Vipp Loft

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Vipp Loft

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